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[accordion-item title=”Do you carry new books?”]All of the books we carry are second hand. However, we do carry a wide variety of “like new” second hand essays in uk books.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Will you buy my old books?”]Buying used books is what we do! If you have a book or a collection that you’re interested in selling, either stop down, give us a call, or email us at service@oldeditions.com.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Do I need an appointment to get into the rare room?”]An appointment is not necessary, we would gladly escort you through the rare room if you’re just stopping by.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”If you don’t have the book I’m looking for, can you contact me if you get it in?”]Absolutely! Call us at 716.842.1734 or fill out our contact form for more information!

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[accordion-item title=”Do you have books for sale online?”]

We sure do!

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[accordion-item title=”Where are you located?”]

74 E Huron St,

Buffalo, NY 14203

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