“Buffalo My City” by Dr. Lalli

For sale: The only complete set of the 42 lithographs of photorealistic watercolors in the “Buffalo, My City” series signed by noted watercolorist and educator Dr. V. Roger Lalli (1922-2010) and framed with exhibit narrative signed by David M. Rote.

Each subject is within Buffalo and was chosen for being a significant or popular landmark.

The series has been exhibited at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo’s Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, and The Buffalo History Museum.

Dr. Lalli received the The Buffalo History Museum’s Red Jacket Award, “presented each year in recognition of . . . devotion to our civic progress . . . by one who . . . enlarged our awareness of our heritage.”

Adorn your large or long space or multiple rooms with Buffalo history and pride.